PocketGIS Updates


Updates to PocketGIS are now delivered via an automatic notification and update system. This is installed with PocketGIS 2.0.7 and later. The updater will inform you of new updates, give details of what has changed, and allow you to choose whether to update your software. By default the updater will check for updates automatically. You can also choose Check for Updates from the desktop Start->Programs->PocketGIS menu to check manually.

If you have a version of PocketGIS prior to version 2.0.7 you can download and install the PocketGIS Updater. This will keep you informed of new releases and will allow you to update PocketGIS 2.0 to the latest 2.0.x version. The updater will only install if you already have a retail version of PocketGIS installed.

To upgrade to the latest version of PocketGIS on CD please contact your resellerĀ or PocketGIS Sales.

To find out what has changed in each version of PocketGIS consult the Release History.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 March 2015 19:34