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PocketGIS Releases

PocketGIS 1.8.1

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Maintenance Release.

  • A problem which sometimes meant that the autoset default flag was ignored has been fixed.
  • Change dates are no longer affected by local / daylight savings time changes (requires Connection 1.7.4 or later).
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes prevented the Attributes Form scroll bar from appearing.

PocketGIS 1.8

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Added new Bar Code Scanner support.

New Features
  • Added remote scripting capability.
  • Added support for annotated area features.
  • Some components merged.
  • Added support for Socket Bar Code Scanners.
  • Added Gothenberg, Karlskoga and Malmo projections.
  • Merged GPS Navigation Component.
  • Merged GPS Position Log Component.
  • Added 57,600 bps and 115,000 bps port speeds.
  • Added support for display and filtering of position standard deviation.
  • Added antenna height correction facility.
  • Corrected calculation of Croatian projections.
  • Added Sweden Nacka projection.
  • Added Delaware, Illinois & Maryland projections.
  • Added ITRS 2000 to ITRS 1989 (ETRS 1989) transformation stage.
  • Added support for HP Receiver seeding.
  • Added Mississippi projection
  • Recognises High Precision position quality (GGA Quality flag value of 5)
  • Changed Danish projection so it correctly gives normal heights
  • Fixed problem whereby UTM zone is wrong if longitude is < 1 deg East
  • Fixed problem with bogus selections in alpha tabbed lookup table popups.
  • Fixed problem which caused ActiveSync disconnects on Pocket PC 2003 devices.
  • Fixed problem where Power Loss Restore did not restore all application shortcuts on some platforms.

PocketGIS 1.7

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New Bar Code Scanning functionality and ActiveSync synchronisation or PocketGIS databases.

New Features
  • Scan Bar Code option in Find by Attribute.
  • ActiveSync synchronisation.
  • Added support for NexiCam camera connections.
  • Added support for multi select alpha tab lookup attributes.
  • Supports Windows CE / Handheld PC platforms with 240 x 320 screen.
  • Improved Ashtech DGPS dialup support.
  • Added Florida Projection.
  • Coordinates displayed to 3 decimal places if GPS Quality is RTK.
  • DGPS Modem dialup does not check modem resposes anymore (it does wait 20 seconds to allow the connection to take place).
  • Now supports 38400bps port speed.
  • Updated Danish projection.
  • Added Arizona Projection.
  • Added support for OSTN02
  • Fixed drawing of area features with inner rings.
  • Fixed problem whereby multiple instances of the Add Layer or Modify Layer window could appear.
  • Fixed problem with feature codes SE,NE,SW,NW.
  • Fixed issue on Pocket PC devices where the main window was not fully activated when the attributes form closed.

PocketGIS 1.6

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Major enhancements.

  • Image Selector display now refreshes when a picture is taken.
  • Pocket & Palm PC versions now read old style picture card layout.
  • Storing data to databases on storage cards is now faster.
  • Map coordinate extents are increased automatically if new geometry is captured outside the original extent (if data generated by PocketGIS Connection 1.7 or later). Note this can be disabled for a map in PocketGIS Connection.
  • PocketGIS no longer stops you panning the map display outside the current Map View extent.
  • Database format reorganised to make map import faster (when used with PocketGIS Connection 1.7 or later).
  • Named Extents Tool now asks comfirmation before deleting an extent.
  • Latest versions of Socket serial cards are now recognised.
  • A mechanism to recover the PocketGIS installation, when installed on a storage card, following total power loss has been provided.
  • It is now possible to add items to attribute value lists (lookup tables) (when used with PocketGIS Connection 1.7 or later).
  • Many text entry fields automatically adopt title case without the need to press the caps key (Pocket PC only).
  • Speeded up the drawing of line features for maps with large amounts of data.
  • All popup windows are now sized correctly when used on a Handheld PC with a 320 x 200 screen.
  • The selection list will now auto hide when highlighting features on small screen Handheld platforms (e.g. Allegro).
  • Selection list view column narrowed to accomodate vertical scrollbar without adding a horizontal bar when the list is fairly long.
  • The master database index now repairs itself if it becomes out of date.
  • Added 10th of an Inch as a supported map unit.
  • Auto increment attribute values are only incremented if a feature is actually created.
  • GPS data is now recorded by the GPS Capture function.
  • New (and better) storage card handling methods adopted when running under Windows CE 2.11 and later.
  • Optimised the display of multi-select loopup table attributes.
  • Deleting a feature now marks the map as changed.
  • Added print attributes function.
  • Increased the number of View Layers that can be turned on and off from 20 to 50.
  • Find Results window now displays the selected attribute column first, and also automatically sorts the features in alphanumeric order.
  • Identify Tool now remembers the last selected feature until you select another one, or clear the selection.
  • The Find Results GoTo function now switches into identify mode and highlights the feature on screen.
  • The Identify / Attribute / Geometry / Capture tools now hand off their current feature to each other when the map tools button is changed.
  • The Attribute Tool continues to highlight it's currently selected feature even after the form has been closed.
  • The selection list now lets you double click a feature to select it.
  • Pocket PC attributes editor now uses the standard OK button to save and close.
  • User Interface tweaks for Pocket PC 2002.
  • Find Results & Map Manager get OK button on Pocket PC.
  • Find Results dialog for Pocket PC: changed "Cancel" button to "Close".
  • On Pocket PC the dialog with the focus is reactivated if the app is switched into the backround and then restored.
  • Find results forces the input panel down on Pocket PC.
  • Named extents tool now lets you select and display an extent by double tapping the name.
  • Added Taiwan projection.
  • Added Danish projection.
  • Added Norwegian Projections.
  • Fixed ImageCanvas item thumbnail display problem with large thumbnails.
  • Fixed a display anomaly on the Pocket PC version which followed the adding or replacement of the layers in a view.
  • Fixed a problem with the Find by Attribute Tool which could cause 5 errors, or the ommision of features from the list.
  • Fixed a problem with the Image Selector which happened when the existing files was already deleted and the user chose to delete the file.
  • Fixed a problem which prevented the Attributes Form being used to change the type of a feature.
  • Fixed a problem where print page margins were sometimes ignored.
  • Some minor fixes also included.
  • Fixed problem were values posted into attribute fields were not always saved.
  • Fixed problem which prevented local shift from working.

PocketGIS 1.5

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Major Enhancements.

  • Added selection list for when several features are found within tolerance.
  • Added support for short date format in date attribute editor (see PocketGIS Connection 1.6 or later).
  • Added tabbed alphabetic popup list for lookup table attributes (see PocketGIS Connection 1.6 or later).
  • View menu now splits into multi-columns on Handheld platforms.
  • Implemented support for Sketch attributes and the Sketch Pad.
  • Attributes Form Time Editor now sets the current time when the time value is enabled.
  • Command bars now respond correctly to Windows colour scheme changes.
  • The Find Results window is now larger on VGA screen devices.
  • Introduced support for Pocket PC.
  • Main window no longer has a 1 pixel border around it.
  • Fixed imperial / metric conversion problem which could effect the scale calculation.
  • Changed tool dialogs to modal for Palm-sized / Pocket PC.
  • Added input panel options.
  • Attributes View now maintains scroll position when resized.
  • The map display no longer redraws when the tool bars are moved / hidden.
  • Adjusted some dialog caption widths so all text is shown.
  • Fixed problem where titles on printouts used a greek font on some Handheld 2.11 devices.
  • Added support for lookup table image popups.
  • Database optimisations.
  • The busy cursor no longer makes mouse cursor disappear when running on systems with a hardware mouse or trackpad.
  • All popup windows are now sized correctly when used on a Handheld PC with a 320 x 240 screen.
  • Added support for Image Attributes.
  • Added "Short" dialogs for 200 pix high Handheld PC Screens.
  • Fixed problem in the coordinate display so 39deg 39min 60sec is displayed as 39deg 40min 0sec.
  • Added Portuguese projections.
  • Many text entry fields automatically adopt title case without the need to press the caps k ey (Pocket PC and Palm-size PC only).
  • GPS Capture function now stores the GPS data when used with PocketGIS 1.6.
  • Added Insert GPS Value Function.
  • Added French Projections.
  • Added GPS monitor support for coordinate quality.
  • Added filter criteria for coordinate quality.
  • Added Modem Dialup.
  • User Interface tweaks for Pocket PC 2002.

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Release News

PocketGIS 2.6.4

15 December 2015
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6.3

09 December 2014
More high resolution improvements.

PocketGIS 2.6.2

29 April 2014
Support for high resolution screens.

PocketGIS 2.6.1

03 February 2014
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6

13 June 2013
Added support for advanced TIFF compression + platform updates.

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