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PocketGIS Releases

PocketGIS 1.9.3

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Support for MobileMapper CE, CE .NET, and sections on Attribute Forms.

  • Attribute names can be multiline on narrow screens.
  • Multiple selection window now hides when highlighting features on small Handheld PC screens.
  • Input panel now appears / disappears when enabled on Windows CE .NET (4.20) platforms.
  • It is no longer possible to store data on the main memory of MobileMapper devices as this data is lost on power off.
  • More tweaks for MobileMapper.
  • Attribute Editor supports sections.
  • Added HP8400 HP Reset command.
  • HP8300 / HP8400 send static initialisation enable commands on connection.
  • Added Georgia (US) projections.
  • Added Serbian Projections.
  • A problem where the averaging function could display nonsense in the monitor window if filter criteria were not met has been fixed.
  • Changed transformation parameters for Croatian projections.

PocketGIS 1.9.2

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Added Log to File function and included some general enhancements.

  • Added Log to File function.
  • Improved detection of serial devices on some Pocket PC based machines.
  • Capture complete button now always enabled when capturing using GPS Trail.
  • Image program selector now includes start menu items on Pocket PC.
  • Changes to support multilingual user interface.
  • Initial tweaks for MobileMapper.
  • Improved data processing.
  • Added new HP receivers with HP seed commands.
  • HPSEED command now sent as well as OMNIHPSEED for Omnistar 8300 / Novatel receivers
  • Added Reconnect Function.
  • Supports rotated screens in Pocket PC 2003 SE.
  • Added all Swedish RT90 zones.
  • You can now enter a Navigation position with decimal places.
  • If GPS quality is 7 an "Estimated GPS" status is displayed.
  • GPS position is always displayed if the GPS quality is greater than 1.
  • Added Stop Input When Filter Fails option.
  • Fixed problem when downloading image files to SD cards on Windows Mobile 2003.

PocketGIS 1.9.1

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Maintenance release and support for Allegro CE.

  • Improved the display of images in the attributes form's image popup.
  • Now supports Allegro CE.
  • Fixed problem where the Take Picture button did not appear if the Digital Camera component was not installed.
  • Fixed bug (introduced in 1.8.2) where attribute names were truncated on some Handheld PC / Windows CE .net platforms.

PocketGIS 1.9

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Supports rotated screens on Pocket PC and built in digital cameras.

  • Added image folder / camera application functionality.
  • Supports rotated screens in Pocket PC 2003 SE.
  • Revised Convert options page and convert methods.
  • Added ETRS89 and ITRS2000 datums.
  • Added ITRS2000 to GDA94 (Austrailian) conversion.
  • Added South American 1969 IBGE datum.
  • Added Taiwan 1997 datum.
  • Added HP Seed Reset function.
  • Added Lithuanian Projection.

PocketGIS 1.8.2

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Support for CE .NET.

  • Support for linked records.
  • Support for CE .net.
  • Improvements to Power Loss Restore.
  • Large text boxes made slightly bigger to correctly accommodate large fields (e.g. 255 characters).
  • Fixed an obscure problem which prevented some autoset attributes being automatically set.
  • Minor fixes.

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Release News

PocketGIS 2.6.4

15 December 2015
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6.3

09 December 2014
More high resolution improvements.

PocketGIS 2.6.2

29 April 2014
Support for high resolution screens.

PocketGIS 2.6.1

03 February 2014
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6

13 June 2013
Added support for advanced TIFF compression + platform updates.

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