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PocketGIS Releases

PocketGIS 2.0.1

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Enhancements to digital camera image support.

  • You can now browse for the image folder name.
  • Recognises SD card on M3 unit - SDMMC.

PocketGIS 2.0

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Supports OS Mastermap and includes enhancements to GPS and laser support.

New Features
  • OS Mastermap data can be imported.
  • Added Log to Feature function.
  • Added Swedish Uppsala UK72 projection.
  • Added Geiodal Separation checkbox.
  • Added more Swedish projections.
  • Added support for SysScan T4 RFID scanner.
  • Trupulse laser interface now asks for azimuth.
  • Antenna height correction value now displayed in the monitor window.
  • Improved serial port data reception on certain iPaq models.

PocketGIS 1.9.7

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Maintenance Release

  • Now recognises 'Flash Disk' as a storage volume.
  • Fixed multi select feature highlight so it always works.

PocketGIS 1.9.6

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Maintenance Release.

  • Added more Swedish projections.
  • Antenna height correction value now displayed in the monitor window.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes prevented the serial connection from closing properly.
  • Fixed serial port disconnection issue.

PocketGIS 1.9.4

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Support for Windows Mobile 5.

  • Support for Windows Mobile 5.
  • Now stores antenna height correction values with captured GPS data.
  • Added Korean projections.
  • Changed port settings so it now presets the port speed if none is set.
  • Fixed data access problem with SD cards on Windows Mobile 2003 Recon units following power off.
  • Fixed problem which stopped the Parallel Offset function working.

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Release News

PocketGIS 2.6.4

15 December 2015
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6.3

09 December 2014
More high resolution improvements.

PocketGIS 2.6.2

29 April 2014
Support for high resolution screens.

PocketGIS 2.6.1

03 February 2014
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6

13 June 2013
Added support for advanced TIFF compression + platform updates.

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