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PocketGIS 2.4

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Multiple enhancements.

New Features
  • Added facility for features to be drawn in red if a nominated boolean attribute was set.

  • If an attribute edit field is bigger than the attribute form it will not be scolled into view – this prevents unwanted scrolling effects.
  • Find by Attribute now shows all attributes in the results list.
  • The label of annotated features is now highlighted along with the rest of the symbol.
  • Screen update improved when moving point features.
  • LTI lasers now appear at the top of the list.
  • Section select menu allows moving to any section in the Attributes Form.
  • The Attributes Form now scrolls and / or changes section to show manditory or invalid items when the form is closed.
  • Manditory attributes now have a * after their name on the Attributes Form.
  • Added support for MobileMapper 100 zoom buttons.
  • The bar code device can no longer grap the port if the bar code functions are not enabled.
  • Multi select alpha table code selection is no longer case sensitive.
  • It is no longer possible to edit the geometry of read-only layers if you first select an item with the Identify or Attribute tools and then immediately switch to the Geometry Tool.
  • Fixed problem where category lookup attributes with dependents did not always autoset.
  • Fixed a problem where odd sized JPG images could not be selected in the image selector.
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Release News

PocketGIS 2.6.4

15 December 2015
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6.3

09 December 2014
More high resolution improvements.

PocketGIS 2.6.2

29 April 2014
Support for high resolution screens.

PocketGIS 2.6.1

03 February 2014
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6

13 June 2013
Added support for advanced TIFF compression + platform updates.

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