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PocketGIS 1.1.1

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Raster map support, new projections and general improvements.

New Features
  • Displays raster maps.
  • Improved drawing speed for maps with large amounts of text.
  • Rogue confirmation beeps when digitising have been removed.
  • Now recognises second port on Husky computers.
  • Supports messagebox fix for GPS trail.
  • Recoginises Compact Flash card on Husky fex-21.
  • The palm version of GPS trail interval dialog no longer sorts the interval choices.
  • The height value displayed in the GPS monitor has been changed. This value is now the antenna height + the geodal separation, as modified by the current datum shift algorithm (if any is in force.
  • Added German Projection.
  • Added Swedish Projection.
  • Fixed several minor & obscure bugs.
  • The program sometimes froze when switching to the capture tool - this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed problem whereby pause/resume did not reset the feature list properly.
  • Fixed problem so edit function menu can break to 3 columns.
  • There was a problem in 1.4 when GPS Trail was in use and your location was outside the bounds of the capture map layer. Multiple warning message boxes would appear which eventually crashed the operating system. GPS trail has been changed so this does not happen.


Release News

PocketGIS 2.6.4

15 December 2015
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6.3

09 December 2014
More high resolution improvements.

PocketGIS 2.6.2

29 April 2014
Support for high resolution screens.

PocketGIS 2.6.1

03 February 2014
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6

13 June 2013
Added support for advanced TIFF compression + platform updates.

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