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PocketGIS 2.0.7

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Added support for Tablet PC, MobileMapper CX, New Lasers and Windows Mobile GPS Program Port.

New Features
  • Runs on Desktop / Tablet PC.
  • Added support for Zoom In / Out Keys (Mobile Mapper CX).
  • Added support for Trupulse 360.
  • Added support for Laser Ace Hypsometer.
  • Now works with the Windows Mobile GPS Program port.
  • Now installs on MobileMapper CX units with the latest firmware version.
  • Includes for MobileMapper platforms which avoids database problems after a reset of the unit.
  • Fixes a problem in Connection with writing Translation Scheme files.

Release News

PocketGIS 2.6.4

15 December 2015
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6.3

09 December 2014
More high resolution improvements.

PocketGIS 2.6.2

29 April 2014
Support for high resolution screens.

PocketGIS 2.6.1

03 February 2014
Various enhancements.

PocketGIS 2.6

13 June 2013
Added support for advanced TIFF compression + platform updates.

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