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PocketGIS 3.12.7

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Various improvements and fixes.

  • The GPS status popup menu now displays the current projection and selecting this allows the projection to be changed for the current view, or the default if there are no views.
  • The map projection setting is now the Default map projection which will be used when a projection is not set on a view, or there are no views.
  • The map projection can now be set on a view. So switching views will also change the current GPS projection. Not interesting for GB but useful abroad in multi zone countries.
  • On Android 5 and later: You can tap on a photograph in the attributes form and open a photo editor which allows line and text annotations to be made. See the help for more details.
  • Invisible attributes are now auto set if configured to do so.
  • Photos’ can now be imported from CSV and Shape file imports – providing a template is used.
  • Added voice memo attribute type which allows a spoken note to be recorded. The voice file is exported in the same way as photographs.
  • Some fixes to DXF import.
  • Fixed obscure anomaly in exported Shape files which upsets QGIS.
  • Some minor fixes.

PocketGIS 3.11.4

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Various improvements and fixes.

  • BMP raster files are now supported.
  • Capture features by freehand drawing.
  • The GPS context menu, displayed when tapping the GPS status window bottom left, now has an “Orientate display” option. When ticked the display will orientate to the current GPS track so the map will be rotated.
  • When GPS trail is active on the internal receiver, and the battery saver is operational, a warning is displayed as location updates will stop when the screen is locked (Android 5 and later).
  • If the import file defines the projection (Shape, GeoTIFF) then this is set on import.
  • Various small fixes.

PocketGIS 3.10.4

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Various improvements and fixes.

  • Improved Maps list which now provides more information on the maps (changed date, projection, type and storage location).
  • There is now a “Snap to existing data” option in “Capture and map tools” settings. This lets you set whether feature snapping in on, off or set by a tick box on in the capture menu. If the last option is set then a “Snap” item is included on the main capture menu which allows you to turn feature snapping on or off.
  • Improved Templates screen hierarchy so there are fewer levels on handheld or portrait screens. Also now uses new drag and drop method for reordering items.
  • Shape files export now generates a .prj file, which defines the projection and makes import into certain systems smoother.
  • Added feet as an import / template units option.
  • Performance enhancements related to databases that contain 1000+ maps.
  • CSV file export now always uses the user visible name set in templates as the column header.
  • Various small fixes.
  • Some fixes to WMS.



PocketGIS 3.9.10

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New find results table view, new View functionality, GeoTIFF support.

  • Find results now lists all attributes in a table format. The column widths are auto sized based on the initial batch of features. Column widths remain fixed to ensure smooth scrolling and display. The column header is a button which if pressed resizes that column. The resize function is disabled on Android 4 as it doesn’t work due to limitations in the old system software.
  • Revised View Layer list: Display on tick now in list; long press and hold drag handle to reorder; tap layer name to rename or delete.
  • Now support GeoTIFF so world files are no longer required if the projected coordinates are stored in the image.
  • Delete view and Delete layer now include the option to also delete the associated mapping. Capture layers that have been exported up to date are pre selected.
  • Revised WMS handling to improve resolution and speed of setup.
  • There is now a “Views and maps” item on the View menu which allows multiple Views (and maps) to be selected and shared or deleted.
  • You can now press and hold on the layer name and multi select layers for deletion in the View screen.
  • The old “Delete maps” item has been removed.
  • Various small fixes.

PocketGIS 3.8.4

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New laser and GPS functions.

  • Added some new feature colours.
  • Displays the privacy policy when first run (after the software license) so as to comply with GDPR.
  • Added Laser “GPS offset capture” function. This creates a point whenever a laser shot is taken as an offset from the current GPS position. The control point does not need to be set or moved when using this function as the GPS position is used as a dynamic control point.
  • Added “GPS background trail” edit function. This is similar to GPS trail but works in the background and does not display the attributes form. This is the same as the “GPS Capture” function that was in PocketGIS 2 on Windows CE platforms.
  • The “Connected to internal GPS” reminder notification now appears on all Android versions. Previously this just appeared when running on Android 8 which requires it to keep the position alive when PocketGIS is in the background or the screen is locked. It’s a useful reminder to save battery when GPS is not in use. It does however disappear if a mock location is being received via a location app as the actual internal GPS is no longer being used.
  • Area calculations now take the height into account so you get the area on a slope.
  • Floating point annotations now display to the decimal places value set in the template, previously this was always to three decimal places. You will need to apply the template before this takes effect.
  • Some small fixes.

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Whats new

PocketGIS 3.17.7

03 September 2020
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.16.4

22 April 2020
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.15.7

11 December 2019
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.14.4

14 August 2019
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.13.3

21 June 2019
Various improvements and fixes.

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