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PocketGIS 3.0.3

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Maintenance release.

  • Centimetres and millimetres can be selected as import units.

  • TIFF import fix.
  • Export fix.
  • Labelling fix.

PocketGIS 3.0.2

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Warnings sounds and pen enhancements.

  • A positive tone is played when a laser shot is received.
  • Added options to play warning sounds when GPS filter criteria are not met, or when no data is being received via Bluetooth.
  • When a screen tap snaps onto an existing point, a red cross appears for about a second.
  • Zoom in and out buttons have been added just below the scale display. These are so you can zoom using a capacitive pen rather than use a two fingered pinch. They can be used as regular buttons however
  • Added option to disable capture when tapping on the screen. Avoids accidental screen taps creating points. Useful if you only capture using GPS or laser.

PocketGIS 3.0.1

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MobileMapper 300 support plus enhanced height handling.

  • Integrates with the MobileMapper 300 via their SPAce app.
  • Major enhancements in height handling.

  • Various small fixes.




PocketGIS 3.0

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First retail release for Android.


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Whats new

PocketGIS 3.4.5

06 October 2017
Red GPS position indicator and calculation attributes.

PocketGIS 3.3.6

19 May 2017
Share view function + fixes.

PocketGIS 3.2.7

03 March 2017
Storage card support.

PocketGIS 3.1.8

01 February 2017
Maintenance release.

PocketGIS 3.1.5

04 January 2017
OSTN15 and GPS accuracy output.

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