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PocketGIS 3.2.7

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Storage card support.

  • Support for storage cards has been added.
  • Changed defaults so “Export table values, not codes” is set by default. If you want the codes this may need to be changed in the Template and Applied to the map.
  • Added Finnish projections.
  • Fixed a bug in Templates.
  • Fixed issue where geometry edit did not exit properly.
  • Various small fixes.

PocketGIS 3.1.8

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Maintenance release.

  • Added Portuguese TM06 / PT08 projection.
  • Some small tweaks to improve panning and zooming have been made in this release.
  • Adjusted import to cope with truncated import files.
  • Fixed crash when selecting “Current location”. (3.1.4 problem)

PocketGIS 3.1.5

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OSTN15 and GPS accuracy output.

  • OSGB projection updated to use OSTN15 datum correction.
  • Added support for NMEA RRE message. Displays accuracy in metres when available.
  • Positional accuracy now appears in Original GPS Data exports.
  • Fixed app start problem in previous version.

PocketGIS 3.1.4

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Maintenance release.

  • Fixed problem when importing a CSV using a template.
  • Improved attribute type conversion when applying a template.
  • Fixed bug in TIFF Packbits decompression.

PocketGIS 3.1.3

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Mark features function, point symbol selection, display units.

  • In the Template Feature screen, when the feature type is a Point, you can now tap on the legend preview to display a context menu. This menu lets you set the symbol to a cross rather than the default filled circle
  • Added Mark features function to the Find results list menu. This lets you select a group of features, using the Find function and based on attribute values, and then set them to draw in a particular colour.
  • Capture settings is now “Capture & map tools” and adds options to set the display units for distance and area. Allows you to display areas in hectares or acres for instance.
  • Fixed problem whereby text attributes didn’t appear in form printouts on Android 4.
  • The Template Attribute controls for auto increment values work now.
  • Fixed problem with importing CSV files which had comma’s inside text fields.
  • Fixed capture status display when using GPS Trail.

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Whats new

PocketGIS 3.17.7

03 September 2020
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.16.4

22 April 2020
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.15.7

11 December 2019
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.14.4

14 August 2019
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.13.3

21 June 2019
Various improvements and fixes.

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