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PocketGIS 3.7.2

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Maintenance release.

  • Platform enhancements for Android 8.
  • Fixes issue with GPS averaging introduced in the previous version.

PocketGIS 3.6.7

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KML import and Web Map Server.

  • Added the ability to import KML / KMZ files.
  • Added support for Web Map Server which can be found on the View menu. The Web map services item on the view menu lets you add a WMS layer which will automatically pull in mapping as you pan and zoom. See the help for more information.
  • When the attributes form is open, and a text field is selected, the value of any laser shot is automatically inserted into the attribute.
  • Simplified feature select button so it’s just a menu.
  • Sidebar conforms to latest Android UI spec when running on Android 5 and later.
  • Export now sets the checkpoint so “Changes since last export” will work now.
  • Some small fixes.

PocketGIS 3.5.8

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Updated UI and many enhancements.

  • Introduced the new “Material” user interface on Android 5 and later. When running on Android 4 the previous “Holo” UI is retained.
  • Added support for position quality information from the Leica Zeno and Lefebure NTRIP “mock location” apps.
  • On Android 5 and later the Find results view now has a Print function on the menu. This will print the Attribute forms for all listed features.
  • Added Input datum setting to GPS settings. This is almost always WGS84 (or ITRF if you prefer) but there are some receivers / location apps that output ETRS89 in which case the input datum can be changed.
  • Updated Netherlands RD projection.
  • GPS accuracy values scale (e.g. display as cm when small).
  • Added “Export to single CSV file” option. This exports all features in the layer to the same CSV file rather than create a file for each feature.
  • Added attribute drawing which is configured in the template feature settings. You can now draw a circle around a point feature using an attribute value as the radius. The value needs to be in metres. The UI for this in feature settings is provisional and may change.
  • If the prefix or number of an auto increment attribute is changed for a new feature, the changed sequence will be used for subsequent new features.
  • Crash reports are saved and an option to email them in to support appears when the application is restarted.
  • The search box appears automatically for long lookup tables.
  • Line drawing is a bit quicker.
  • Some optimisations of slow operations.
  • Fixed export problem if feature name contained a “/” character.
  • Laser compass correction can now be entered as a negative number.
  • Some small fixes.


PocketGIS 3.4.5

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Red GPS position indicator and calculation attributes.

  • GPS position indicators are now red so they show up better against raster backgrounds.
  • Added calculations to attribute forms. These are configured in the template attribute setting.
  • Stem diameter and root protection area / radius calculations are available.
  • Set an attribute to be calculated by selecting “Calculation” in the Automatic value setting. Then specify the other attributes that form the calculation in the controls that appear.
  • Added 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m as HD GPS SD filter options.
  • Fixed attributes form display issue on Android 7.

PocketGIS 3.3.6

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Share view function + fixes.

  • There is now a “Share view” option on the Views screen menu which will zip all the databases files for the selected View and send them to the selected destination. This zip file can be imported in the usual way on other devices.
  • Added “Unmark feature” to Find results menu. The replaces the “Unmark” colour in “Mark feature” which has been removed.
  • Added support for Arrow EOSToolsPro.
  • The views database has been abolished. Now views are stored in their own gdb file which is the name with “View” appended. On startup this version will split any existing Views.gdb into separate view databases.
  • Fixed export bug.
  • Various fixes, in particular relating to storage cards, view sharing and database import.
  • Fixed problem when exporting very long CSV fields.
  • Fixed import database glitch introduced in previous release.

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Whats new

PocketGIS 3.17.7

03 September 2020
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.16.4

22 April 2020
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.15.7

11 December 2019
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.14.4

14 August 2019
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.13.3

21 June 2019
Various improvements and fixes.

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