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PocketGIS 3.2.7

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Storage card support.

  • Support for storage cards has been added.
  • Changed defaults so “Export table values, not codes” is set by default. If you want the codes this may need to be changed in the Template and Applied to the map.
  • Added Finnish projections.
  • Fixed a bug in Templates.
  • Fixed issue where geometry edit did not exit properly.
  • Various small fixes.

Whats new

PocketGIS 3.5.8

29 January 2018
Updated UI and many enhancements.

PocketGIS 3.4.5

06 October 2017
Red GPS position indicator and calculation attributes.

PocketGIS 3.3.6

19 May 2017
Share view function + fixes.

PocketGIS 3.2.7

03 March 2017
Storage card support.

PocketGIS 3.1.8

01 February 2017
Maintenance release.

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