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PocketGIS 3.1.5

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OSTN15 and GPS accuracy output.

  • OSGB projection updated to use OSTN15 datum correction.
  • Added support for NMEA RRE message. Displays accuracy in metres when available.
  • Positional accuracy now appears in Original GPS Data exports.
  • Fixed app start problem in previous version.

Whats new

PocketGIS 3.10.4

26 November 2018
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.9.10

03 September 2018
New find results table view, new View functionality, GeoTIFF support.

PocketGIS 3.8.4

23 May 2018
New laser and GPS functions.

PocketGIS 3.7.2

06 April 2018
Maintenance release.

PocketGIS 3.6.7

29 March 2018
KML import and Web Map Server.

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