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PocketGIS 3.1.3

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Mark features function, point symbol selection, display units.

  • In the Template Feature screen, when the feature type is a Point, you can now tap on the legend preview to display a context menu. This menu lets you set the symbol to a cross rather than the default filled circle
  • Added Mark features function to the Find results list menu. This lets you select a group of features, using the Find function and based on attribute values, and then set them to draw in a particular colour.
  • Capture settings is now “Capture & map tools” and adds options to set the display units for distance and area. Allows you to display areas in hectares or acres for instance.
  • Fixed problem whereby text attributes didn’t appear in form printouts on Android 4.
  • The Template Attribute controls for auto increment values work now.
  • Fixed problem with importing CSV files which had comma’s inside text fields.
  • Fixed capture status display when using GPS Trail.

Whats new

PocketGIS 3.4.5

06 October 2017
Red GPS position indicator and calculation attributes.

PocketGIS 3.3.6

19 May 2017
Share view function + fixes.

PocketGIS 3.2.7

03 March 2017
Storage card support.

PocketGIS 3.1.8

01 February 2017
Maintenance release.

PocketGIS 3.1.5

04 January 2017
OSTN15 and GPS accuracy output.

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