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PocketGIS 3.1

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Feature multiselect and Pan to point function.

  • Select tool now has it's own icon.
  • Select tool now has a multiselect options. You can select multiple features and then edit their attributes all at once.
  • Added "Delete feature" option in the map tools menu.
  • If you press and hold a feature when in capture mode, it will be selected.
  • New "Pan / zoom" submenu, on the Capture and edit menu, groups Zoom overview and Redraw and adds:
  • Added "Pan to point" which pans the display to the given coordinate.
  • Zoom in / out buttons have wider spacing to make pressing them easier.

  • Improved Bluetooth handling when a device is not available.
  • Various small fixes.

Whats new

PocketGIS 3.10.4

26 November 2018
Various improvements and fixes.

PocketGIS 3.9.10

03 September 2018
New find results table view, new View functionality, GeoTIFF support.

PocketGIS 3.8.4

23 May 2018
New laser and GPS functions.

PocketGIS 3.7.2

06 April 2018
Maintenance release.

PocketGIS 3.6.7

29 March 2018
KML import and Web Map Server.

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