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PocketGIS 3.9.10

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New find results table view, new View functionality, GeoTIFF support.

  • Find results now lists all attributes in a table format. The column widths are auto sized based on the initial batch of features. Column widths remain fixed to ensure smooth scrolling and display. The column header is a button which if pressed resizes that column. The resize function is disabled on Android 4 as it doesn’t work due to limitations in the old system software.
  • Revised View Layer list: Display on tick now in list; long press and hold drag handle to reorder; tap layer name to rename or delete.
  • Now support GeoTIFF so world files are no longer required if the projected coordinates are stored in the image.
  • Delete view and Delete layer now include the option to also delete the associated mapping. Capture layers that have been exported up to date are pre selected.
  • Revised WMS handling to improve resolution and speed of setup.
  • There is now a “Views and maps” item on the View menu which allows multiple Views (and maps) to be selected and shared or deleted.
  • You can now press and hold on the layer name and multi select layers for deletion in the View screen.
  • The old “Delete maps” item has been removed.
  • Various small fixes.

Whats new

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