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PocketGIS 3.5.8

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Updated UI and many enhancements.

  • Introduced the new “Material” user interface on Android 5 and later. When running on Android 4 the previous “Holo” UI is retained.
  • Added support for position quality information from the Leica Zeno and Lefebure NTRIP “mock location” apps.
  • On Android 5 and later the Find results view now has a Print function on the menu. This will print the Attribute forms for all listed features.
  • Added Input datum setting to GPS settings. This is almost always WGS84 (or ITRF if you prefer) but there are some receivers / location apps that output ETRS89 in which case the input datum can be changed.
  • Updated Netherlands RD projection.
  • GPS accuracy values scale (e.g. display as cm when small).
  • Added “Export to single CSV file” option. This exports all features in the layer to the same CSV file rather than create a file for each feature.
  • Added attribute drawing which is configured in the template feature settings. You can now draw a circle around a point feature using an attribute value as the radius. The value needs to be in metres. The UI for this in feature settings is provisional and may change.
  • If the prefix or number of an auto increment attribute is changed for a new feature, the changed sequence will be used for subsequent new features.
  • Crash reports are saved and an option to email them in to support appears when the application is restarted.
  • The search box appears automatically for long lookup tables.
  • Line drawing is a bit quicker.
  • Some optimisations of slow operations.
  • Fixed export problem if feature name contained a “/” character.
  • Laser compass correction can now be entered as a negative number.
  • Some small fixes.


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